About Us

About Us

Hampton Frames was started in 2006 after purchasing and transforming RHI Photoframes which was originally founded in 1991. The Hampton name was introduced as a result of the repositioning of the product range to a higher quality level. Since then we have bought the Photo Album Company’s commercial frame business and now have a wide range of certificate and snap display frames. We only supply TRADE CUSTOMERS.

Photos are precious to those who take them, and they will often be displayed in the home or office for many years. We aim to provide the best designs and quality for photo frame and certificate frames at competitive prices to suit most markets. We pay that little extra attention to detail, be it fully wrapped easels or hanging hooks and we endeavour to ensure that our products actually are the best you can buy. We launch new products every year and aim to have excellent stock availability. We provide our customers with the best customer service possible. We strive to be a reliable and trustworthy supplier whose products will bring great satisfaction to your customers.

We source our products from China and Thailand. The Directors personally inspect every factory we deal with to ensure that they are ethically and environmentally well run. We use Quality Control inspectors to carry out pre-shipment inspections across the whole of China and Thailand. Our partner has its head office in Hong Kong and satellite offices in key cities in the area. The company prefers to work with long term partners whose quality is reliable and who therefore only require periodic random inspections. Hampton Frames will not deal with any factory that does not treat its employees well or who have unsafe working conditions. All employees in our factories are of legal working age and do standard working hours. China has minimum wage laws in all its provinces and workers are entitled to proper lunch breaks.

We require our partner factories to make the best quality product and to achieve this we look for the highest manufacturing standards and practices. We don’t just go to a trade show or visit a showroom we always check out the factory to verify its status and ownership. Many UK companies import goods without ever seeing the factory. This is certainly not the Hampton Frames philosophy. We also look for honest and ethical partners because sometimes despite everyone’s best efforts things do go wrong. We expect the problems to be rectified and compensation that we can pass on to our customers provided. Our suppliers’ value ours and ultimately our customers’ business so they work hard to retain our trust. Any supplier that does not adhere to our code of conduct is removed from our vendor base.   Suppliers are provided with a detailed brief that they must follow and provide approval samples against. Generally, a set of approved samples are held by the factory to ensure that they do not deviate from the agreed specification. Every effort is made to cover every possible eventuality to ensure that mistakes are rarely made. We aim to keep consistency of colour or wood finishes between production batches. We are aware that often customers buy a further frame in the expectation that the colour, shade or finish will match what they already have.

As your supplier we can provide all the information you might require about the products you buy from us. From dimensions and weights to whether the wood is sustainable or legally sourced. Our certificate frames have E1 MDF backs to meet EU standards

All products made from wood comply with the EU Timber Regulations (EU no 995/2010). Most of our frames have glass fronts and we will specify the thickness and request smooth edges and corners.

Hampton Frames policy is to use the minimum amount of packaging for our products, however we recognise that as many frames are bought as gifts they need to be nicely packaged. We therefore generally have each desktop frame with glass tissue wrapped, then put in a bubble bag for extra protection and then placed in a good quality individual white box. We place a barcode label on the back of the frame and on the box. Larger bubble bags have the appropriate danger of suffocation safety warning on them. We endeavour to reduce the amount of waste we product to a minimum, however we package the products so that they arrive with you in perfect condition. All our cardboard and paper is recycled. Excess packaging is reused by our warehouse to repackage goods that we send out. We also receive a lot of samples for evaluation and where possible those items not selected are regularly donated to charitable organisations.